Variety of Plants

1 Lemon Grass
2 Basil

Total Yearly Production (1st year)

Lemon Grass Basil
4000 100000

Raw Materials Required

seed Seeds of Rosemary

Final Products


Seedlings of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Infrastructure Required

icon-1.png Building

50000 sq ft

Plant and machinery / Equipment

1 Including Water Sprinkling tanks
2 Land Tilling Machine
capacity Employment Generation

Scientific Officer / Agriculture Consultant 1

Supervisor 1

Land Development Cost


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Farm Land

Details Value

Nursery Cycle (Ready to be Transplanted)

Details Months


Soil Type


Pesticides, Fertilizer and Manure

Cost and Revenue Analysis

Details Cost(variable) per Sapling
Details Selling Price per Sapling

Financial Benchmarks

Target Revenue
Break Even Point
DSCR including Principal Repayment

Power rate per unit 8.5 Rs / unit
Area of Mother Bed 40000 Sq. Ft.

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