Vision & Mission


Advancing North East is a digital initiative ideated by the North Eastern Council (NEC), Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region, Government of India to create a State of the Resource Centre which will act as One Stop Solution Portal primarily focusing on career and livelihood of the youths of the North Eastern Region.


The portal aims to facilitate informed career decision by the students, job seekers and entrepreneurs of the North Eastern region and improve their competitiveness at national and global level.

Advancing NORTH EAST

The key sections of Advancing North East Portal are Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship supported by a Resource Library. The Education Segment offers details of emerging careers, entrance exams, institutions available at regional, national and global level, details of fellowship, scholarship and educational loan available at different level of education. The Employment section offers insights about employment entrance for public sector jobs, updates regarding job vacancies, upskilling trends, employable skills, vocational skills, employment opportunities and skill needs to work abroad. The entrepreneurship section has model project profiles covering all sectors of the economy feasible in North East India, list of industry specific approvals to start business, government schemes and policies, market support agencies, infrastructure available, loan connect and success stories. The Resource Library has details of training and capacity building institutions, mentor and incubator connect, database of career coach available in North East, audio visual content for E-Learning.

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